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Good Morning!

Sun is officially up.

I'm deciding

a) how I'd like this day to go

b) if it's time to rethink . . . (ach! that's a little too much for me until the pupster & i have taken a walk in the woods . . . which we will do soon - in fact, she let me know a while ago she is ready AND - now she's waiting for me . . . . )

c) SO - any kind of thinking - will happen in the trees

d) In case you wondered - YES!!! Morning Studies happened hours ago. 💙

SO? Ths point of this post?

  1. To renew the habit of posting

  2. To follow the Strong suggestion to develop SEO and make use of this site/blog/way of connecting with you.

Leaves cover most of the known world right now (Michael took this photo)
Fall leaves/ Michael took this photo

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