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Bitterbrush Country

I am savoring a book that is so refreshing it must be shared.

Here's a picture of the cover:

Cover of book "Bitterbrush Country"

"Bitterbrush Country"

by Diane Josephy Peavey

Nope, it's Not a "story-time recommend."

I saw this book offered on a friend's eBay page

and purchased it.

The writing is inviting.

The book is filled with true stories.

Each story is short . . . and true . . . and . . . like a vacation in my heart.

The author started sharing her story on Public Radio.

The listening audience enjoyed the tales and

wanted a book.

These stories have wide open spaces and honest real-life tales.

Maybe, like me

you'll find a copy

and feel lifted someplace nice inside yourself.

No, I'm NOT making money off you.

I didn't even include a link.

Perhaps you'll find a copy on some resale site

or shop

Or, maybe you'll purchase from retail -

and give a gift to a friend.

Me? I just wanted to share something good with you today.

love & love.



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