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Gettin' Better?

Yep. I've been reading your posts.

It's how I know we've been through tough spots

at the same time - but, mostly alone.

I got a "surprise package!"

-Surprise Package-

It isn't a surprise that he's here with me.

(If you know me - you are used to seeing a pup right along side.)

He is a Surprise Package because he doesn't look like his mother

and, we don't know his father.

He is getting taller every day.

I listened to a terrific talk


which explains why some are "hated by the world."

Well, okay, then.

But, knowing I have plenty of company

and our task is to

"encourage one another"

makes things better.

After a couple of "dang-if-I-do-dang-if-I don't" years

I FINALLY got my camera out.

( Because the pupster wants to share with his people.)

Art Supplies have come out of storage

so, new art

in the mail

on the wall

filling notebooks


feeding a sense of JOY.


It's a start.




we seem to be

"doing it."

"Gettin' Better"

love & love,



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