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A Few Good Men

I spent a bit of time looking up the phrase . . .

"A Few Good Men"



It is alluded to in several places


It is stuck in my thinking at the moment


I have not found the original - or primary source.

Still, I have known - a few good men.

The one on my mind I call


He insisted I am not a "foster" or "extra" -

He insisted I am his own.

Once I was afraid of him because he was larger than life.

I am remembering him especially this month because his birthday was in February.

I have his bible:

Pop's Bible
Pop's Bible

I am blessed to have it because

my name is in the cover.

See, I helped purchase it for his birthday

Feb. 19th

That inked in name - caused family members to send it to me.


One of my "few good men."

-a lot of good stories there-

perhaps - someday - I'll share


love & love,



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