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I'm Reading:

I've started the Michael Vey series. I'm 'late to the game' - So, I'll have to read fast.๐Ÿ™‚

I was in the car, listening to the radio. Richard Paul Evans was being interviewed. Part of the conversation was about the new Michael Vey book. It sounded terrific. The author suggested we begin with the first book and get to know the characters.

Well, that makes sense, so I've just finished volume one and have volume two sitting in the pile of "read every day" books.

Each of these characters "have issues" - strengths and weaknesses - like everyone. AND - by the end of this first story - they've learned to work together - trust and depend on one another - in ways that are inspiring.

Michael Vey has lots of fans. Young people see themselves reflected in the pages - and they gather in long lines to meet the author. (Oh, yes - reading is alive and well!)

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