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Planting Trust

I wonder if there are street signs "listen for trumpets."

Know what I mean?

Like "Children Crossing" signs . . . ?

Either way . . . I keep listening for trumpets.

I have a couple current trumpet stories where "the laugh is on me."

Of course, that IS another subject, sort of . . . .

This morning I was "planting Trust" I hope those teeny seeds will take root in listening hearts. I have been told, seeds germinating depends on the soil . . . .

therefore, it isn't up to me - SO, . . .

I once had a bunch of super lively. creative friends. One of our many "stock sayings" was:

"So? Well - sew red buttons on your green underwear."

We had a lot of silly sayings to make us laugh - especially in stressful moments.

Okay, back to "Trust." Our text came from Proverbs 3:5-6 . . .

yes, I sing it - so people 'get it into their heart.'

Our trumpet player this time came from the 800's BC . . .

And, my friends were smiling when I left . . .

golly, that could mean anything , , couldn't it?


love & love,


from your maggid

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