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Mr. Rat says "Hello!"

I was looking up Chinese New Year. I thought it was in February. Like other calendars, it moves around a little. This year, 2020, it's on January 25th.

There are plenty of good stories about how the different animals found their way into the cycle of twelve. This year it is the Rat. Mr. Rat is the sign for New Beginnings. He hitched a ride on the Ox and dove for the finish line at the last minute. Mr. Rat is the sign for New Beginnings.

Here are a few celebratory options for next Saturday:

1. Chinese New Year . . Lunar New Year (part of Chinese New Year)

2. Fruitcake Toss Day (last Saturday of January . . who knew?)

3. Opposite Day

4. Thank Your Mentor Day

Opposite Day??? Can't you imagine plenty of fun Opposite Things to do???

Let me know what's going on in YOUR World, please.

I always want to know.

Yes, I'm still available for faith-filled presentations and story times. It IS True, sometimes Everyone Around starts singing LOUD . . . just for the Joy of it all.

love & love,