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Living Among Lions

I enjoyed this book.

I thought I was purchasing a different book altogether.

This IS the one I ordered.

I didn't read it for a long time - thinking I'd made a mistake.

Cool stuff like that happens sometimes.

The authors of this book are twins. I gather they are a big deal in the sports world.

To me they are a Big Deal because they gave me hope along the way.

They share some faith-filled guidance that made old ideas come alive.

This book considers Daniel - and his Life in Babylon.

You can read more about Daniel HERE.

The book is:

"Living Among Lions"


David & Jason Benham

Stories of the "Children from Babylon"

are included.

You may think you know the stories,

BUT, reading about their lives and personal stand for Good

in a time of testing -

And stories of these brothers handling 21st Century adventures -

helped me look at my own circumstances through another "lens."

I purchased this book used,

through ThriftBooks.


when I needed schoolbooks at a good price,

I used


I'm not making $$ off of your visit.

I simply hope you find a really good copy for an even better price.

That's all for today.

love & love,