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Hey There!

I have New Software for the website. It's going to be exciting . . with just a teeny bit of a learning curve.

What's new with you? Have interesting things to share? I'd like to hear about your adventures.

Me? In transition . . from "dark to light." giggle, doesn't that sound dramatic? Well, it's my HOPE to once again find my feet on a Blessing Path.

While I'm learning here . . What kind of stories would you like to hear from me? 🙂

Okey-dokey . . this new to me software, which I'll be comfy with soonish . . . dictated the need for a new post. The sketch is from my sketch book . . . the query from me to you . . . honest . . . the "let's see what happens next" . . is about to occur - since I'm going to hit post.

But, Wait!! (don't i sound like a sales infomercial?) I have been toying with changing the name/title/domain . . so, if soon you see another author, or name . . . you'll know why.

love & love,


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