• Georgy

Have Something you do every day?

How do you manage to pack all your plans inside a day?

I used to know . . the last few years I've fallen off track and feel a little like "Alice" talking to Caterpillar.

One of my daily doings is art. This is me - glad Manet isn't here to rap me on the head.

Never know what I'll attempt with a small collection of art supplies - BUT, it will be something.

I also read, write, STUDY . . . do you study? What are your recent topics of interest?

Lately I've added Greek . . . it really makes a difference in super unusual ways. For Instance - I had an ongoing issue - one of those "Wonderland Situations.*" I continued to put right something going very wrong. Until a passage in original language was translated properly . . . turned out to be a game changer.

Turns out those every day habits, if positive in nature, can improve your life. (yippeee!)

Now, how to find a way to fit everything in the time allowed.

Kinda feels like a buzzer might go off any minute, hm?

AND - What will i draw today?


It would be swell to hear from you, if you have time.

Love & Love,


* actual quote: “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” - Lewis Carroll

PS - anyone remember the time step??? practicing today . . I'd forgotten the "stomp, lift" . . once the pattern was remembered . . all dance classes came into vivid remembrance . . .