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Do you believe in "multi-tasking?"

I've been told I'm good at "multi-tasking." I don't agree. It IS true I'm able to "get stuff done." But, I'm NOT able to do everything simultaneously. I simply do the thing in front of me - one thing after another - and - eventually - stuff gets done.

multiple toys to play with

This very moment - I've stopped to watch a movie - one I can stop and return to.

I'm taking a course. (YES, Another One.) It must be important because it's challenging -

filling in spaces and questions I have in my heart.

I've been requested to return to a position I once truly enjoyed.

I'm relearning an old schedule.

I hope everything Important fits together nicely.

I get to cheer for some dancers next week . . .

and I get to give a talk about Trust the week after.


One thing at a time.

Everything will get done.

Oh! I'm reminded to create an




love & love,



(what about . . . ?)

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