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Crazy Hair

It's crazy fun.

When combing this brilliant head of hair - Amazing things appear.

Crazy Hair - the book - came out close to this time in 2009 -

and sure made us laugh and imagine . . .

That, of course, was when

Our Old Fashioned "Story Time!" existed.

Lately I've been remembering - and giggling -

because my own hair has taken on a "life of its own."

I've come to expect these things lately . .

I've had quite a succession of hair adventures - trying to find a stylist.

What was I thinking?

(I was actually thinking I still lived in the 20th Century.)

I hoped to escape the territorial mindset - and leave a salon looking like myself -

instead of a preconceived stereotype.

I admit, it's taken several "ding-dong bizarre" - appointments to remember

the book that delighted me so.

Now, I'm remembering and recommending this awesome sauce book to you -

and everyone with a child like heart.

And, for now -

I'll continue to proudly show up in public with my crazy hair.

love & love,



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