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The Maggid of Hollywood, Paul Woolf

Paul Woolf - April 2016

Photo taken by Lisaggrossman

You know from Paul Woolf? He's a successful screen writer, and story writer -

As a child didn't fit so good in his Brooklyn, Conservative shul -

(late 1940's - 1950's)

He questioned so much

that his Rabbi banned him from shul and he ended up studying over the phone with the Cantor.

(Blessings to every Cantor who was kind to a kid.)

Mr. Woolf said, it was okay,

studying with the Cantor

because when he (Mr. Woolf) would stop and ask what the words meant,

the Cantor would do his best to explain.

But, after Bar Mitzvah (Oy! What a Bar Mitzvah story it was!)

Young Mr. Woolf left to find Life on his own terms. Eventually his heart

(or as it's said, his Jewish Soul)

called out to him.

This time, the right teachers were there . .

(turns out one of them was one of mine - Rabbi Zalman)

Here's a happy surprise . . .

Mr. Paul Woolf received s'micha - to be a Maggid

(Feb. 27th, 1994.)

"Traditionally a Maggid is not necessarily a book person,

in the way a rabbi is or should be.

When a Maggid looks at a Jewish text,

he does so with the sense of the immediacy,

the urgency of scripture.

His task is to awaken people from spiritual sleep."

I copied this article from my blog JubileeStreet

I mention this today because Sunday I will be sharing his story

"Cottage of Candles"

means a lot to me to share his work

with people I Love.