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Beautiful Day

It's a day for remembering.

There was a time all my chums had parties celebrating what we'd studied.

I'd had the opportunity to sing songs our cantor taught us for every event -

there was no party for me . . .

Even the parents noticed there was no fancy party for the girl who learned the songs and sayings -

along with their sons.

So, some grandmothers held an event.

They gathered in a living room, laughing, enjoying their favorite snacks


requested i tell my stories.

I shared the portion I'd learned for "My Day."

(Always Important in my heart.)

All the grandmothers were pleased.

Then, they put everything down,

and asked me to sing a special song.

Our Cantor helped me learn a new song that was Very Popular

and Important to our hearts.

It's called "Jerusalem the Gold."

"Yerushalayim Shel Zahav"

Over so many years I've shared that same song

with audiences everywhere i went.

But, No One loved that song as much as the grandmothers.

They listened with tears in their eyes

and we all sang the chorus over and over together.

My portion? Deuteronomy Chapter 28.

(ps: when you are asked to choose . . "Choose Life.")

"My Day" - Elul 20

This Day

💙Sharing a memory with You💙

(ps: when asked to choose . . "Choose Life.")