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Reading another travel book by author and amazing person, Gertrude Bell. This copy arrived from Great Britain a few weeks ago. I learned about her from Abe Books. They send out a newsletter that offers tips on books i might want to read. I always feel wealthy learning about authors I've missed. The text is packed with scenes and persons . . the writing style is late 19th Century - early 20th Century - it's a brilliant look at the world through the eyes of an interesting lady.

I'm enjoying the latest edition of Writer Magazine.

Trying to talk myself into sending a manuscript for the current pop-up competition.

hmm, we'll see.

Some time ago I had questions about writing and enrolled in a course here in St. Louis. Turned out the teacher is a local writer. He seems super nice. Everyone in the class had "studied" with this writer before. I was surprised. The students enjoyed reading their work to the class. The stories, filled with swear words, were read with pride and enthusiasm. I was reluctant to read my work, it was rather innocent. My fellow classmates were silent when i finished. Whew! My feet must have been standing in the wrong spot.


All that to explain, i Always find answers to my questions in Writer Magazine.

Oh, and when I feel the urge to take a writing class, I attend Gotham.

Okay, what are YOU up to lately?

I'd like to hear from you.

love & love,