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Message from Kat

Mom went away to tame some books.

Before she gets back I want to tell you about a good story.

It's called "The Baritone Cat." by Mora Skelton and, the lady who drew the beautiful pictures, Janet Wilson.

Here's someone who read the book and had something to say about it.

I was in-between homes once.

I was held hostage in a room with other cats - behind a see through wall.

I spotted My Mom.

I did EVERYTHING possible to get her attention -

Surely she would realize right away I was the multi-colored creature for her.


I worked hard to let her know I was there.

People tried to warn her about multi-creatures . . they were Fake News FOR SURE.

Because, once we got home . . . life got Good.

So, "The Baritone Cat" is a good book.

My mom is awesome . . . .


I Am The Best Cat Ever.


the Multi-Colored Creature

the Sassy Rascal

Monarch of My Household.