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Adventures of One Sort & Another

Okay, okay - fractured my shoulder . . . and get to wear a sling for one more week and a day.

Then, on to other adventures and exploits!

There's a story in 1 Samuel that keeps re-playing in my imagination.

The Philistines captured/stole The Ark.

Maybe you remember - The Philistines were the "bad guys."

Thing is, The People were doing whatever seemed right "in their own eyes."

So, there wasn't a war, or skirmish, or even an argument about this situation.

The Philistines just took The Ark and stowed it away with a statue of their favorite God (Dagon) in a place called Ashdod.

The first night didn't go so well.

When people came to visit next morning, the statue had fallen face down in front of The Ark.

So, the caretaker set the statue back up.

The next sleep over night, it happened again - only worse.

The statue's body was on the floor in front of The Ark again -


Both hands and its head were waiting for the caretaker at the front door.

No one walked through that front door again.

Things started going wrong all around Ashdod.

People suggested The Ark was too "heavy handed" with their god.

They decided to send the ark visiting all around their nation.

Everywhere The Ark was sent, people got sick, crops failed . . . things simply did not go well for the Philistines . .

so they started looking for a way to send The Ark back home - where it belonged.

The story fascinates me for several reasons.

There are plenty of times The People lose interest in The Holy One.

Here's the Awesome Thing, in this case, The Ark returns - and waits another One Hundred Years for The People to Remember . . . .

considering the story . . . 'til I'm ready to tell.

love & love,


What's captured your attention lately?

Psalms 119:90 Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.