• Jubilee Street


It was the first time ever I'd been called to participate.

How surprising to read "Summons" - and - "Jury Service."

I'd only heard people talk about "Jury Duty."

I didn't know what to expect.

Well, that's not exactly true.

The letter that came with the Summons explained a lot.

I knew where to park, what day to show up . . . what to bring, or not bring.

I had a good time.

Coffee and doughnuts are not served.

That idea - that "civility" - would be problematic - because there were HUNDREDS of us.

But, there were places with vending machines, and the gentleman sitting next to me enjoyed a fresh smelling doughnut . . . .

We were greeted by super nice folk, secured (no weapons allowed.)

directed, smiled at . . .

A couple of really angry people arrived.

Good tempered helpers assisted them.

Their issues were financial . . and, there is a plan in place with resources for people needing the do-re-mi.

A Marshall handed each of us a brochure explaining what was going on . . . . (for rookies, like me.)

After all the seats were full, someone arrived to explain what was going on in the background and thanked us for our service.

We all had number badges . . . . BUT, when it was time for us to relocate, each group chosen for a specific case . . .

They called us by name.

I was impressed by that.

I met some really nice people.

Read almost all of the book I brought with me before we were chosen to go to smaller rooms to answer questions and hear stories.

Came away with a healthy respect about how our system works . . .

How we get heard by a "Jury of our peers."

Glad to be chosen.