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School Nurse

Do you remember school nurses?

Did your school have one on duty to keep you safe and give you comfort?

Nurse Eieen Burnes

I heard a report this morning about the lack of school nurses.

On occasion one nurse might have two schools to care for and they struggle to find a way to best serve all their children.

There was a sad story - which probably caused the early morning report.

There were two men in tears because their child and nephew had an emergency during school hours .

There was no nurse (medical professional) on property. The staff did the best they could, but the child died.

There used to be Registered Nurses (RN) on school property.

But, teachers salaries have been diminishing, it seems there is not enough money to get anything done.

So, Nurses had to go - so save dollars.

It's sad. I found kindness and care when I needed it . . .

visiting the nurses office.