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I just finished reading "Maniac Magee" by Jerry Spinelli.

His books for adolescents and teens are popular.

Perhaps you've read it, or some of his other work.

This started out amazing.

It does make me sad that homelessness and racism needs to be addressed in our society.

It does make me happy that, after proving himself to be stellar, "Maniac Magee" is "called Home" by a parent who 'gets it.'

I'm studying a bit from translated "Concerning Military Manners" by Vegitius

I'm totally "wowed."

Learning a little about the ancient Roman Army,

I've gained a Lot of Respect.

(okay, not going in to that now . . . giggle.)

Vegitius was writing to help reclaim what they once had . . .

which is really good for me


I arrived here innocent of the treachery commonly found in the world.

I need to "buck up."

That's WHY Paul/Saul wrote in Military terms to Timothy.*

Paul/Saul already knew what Timothy (and georgy)

needed to understand.


Your Maggid, still out here collecting teaching stories.

Thank you, Rick Renner.

*2 Timothy 2:1-13