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Color Me Happy!

Often a young person will bring one of their own books to share.

This makes me happy. Without their generosity, I could be "left out of the loop" about current reading trends.

Lately a young person brought their copy of

"The 52 Story Treehouse"

by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

It's part of a much larger series of graphic novels for kids.

Graphic Novel?

Oh, YES!

The language is right in the pocket for developing a rich vocabulary

and the art pulls them along, into silly, impossible, giggle producing situations.

Once they begin reading out loud to me - they always plead for more time to read page after page . . .

what a JOY to be part of the enthusiastic learning.

Here's a video from the author:

Yes, there's more to share


Today we'll stop with this

Kid Recommended Book

"52 Story Treehouse."

(links provided to share more of the story - none of them make do-re-me for your maggid)

love & love,