• Jubilee Street

Laughing Birds!

There is a little park in Des Peres, Missouri we like to visit.

It has some nice spots, good views


a few resident Guinea Fowl.

Here's a fun article about Guinea Fowl.

In the park they run up to my pupster, (my 90 lb fluffy, white pupster) and they sing silly songs.

It's very happy. My pupster stands still, except for her wagging tail, so they aren't afraid.

We call them the "Laughing Birds."

SO, as you Might Imagine, there's a book for you to enjoy . . .

"Spots In A Box"

by Helen Ward

This picture book is a delight for everyone.

It captures the fun, magic and possibility of the Guinea Fowl,


the imagination is truly set free with art you can feel and wonder with with every age reader.

Don't worry

There's Plenty of Spots and Sparkle

for everyone.

High Recommend

love & love,