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Abe Books


I should remind you about Abe Books often.

I can't tell you how many terrific reads I've discovered through their service.

I first heard about them years ago when studying in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

At the beginning I only used the service to find a book I needed at a price i could afford.

(that was mighty valuable at the time.)

Fortunately, I gave them my email.

Eventually I began receiving suggestions about things I might enjoy

and maybe had never even known about.

This morning I spent a bit of quality time - Enjoying A Terrific Book - while my cute car got the stellar treatment she deserves.

Here's a recommend - found through Abe Books -

I'm only a hundred or so pages in . . . you may see me cuddled up in a corner in some public place

enjoying this story along with some strong coffee.

Abe Books - their lists can help you explore places you didn't know existed.

Read this one already?

Have a title to share?

love & love,


ps - NO, I am NOT making money off you. The links take you to what I'm trying to share.

No "affiliate, taking advantage, using you as my resource in any way."

Simply me . . sharing the adventure.