• Jubilee Street

Amos & Boris

Last week two of us* were riveted to these pages.

We'd begun the book a day or two before.

He saw I was available, finished his required work and made his way to the book shelf

thinking we might be able to read a few more pages . . .

Fortunately his mother was in a conversation that detained her just enough time for us to continue all the way to the end of this delightful story.

It isn't a new book. But, we'd never seen it before.

SO, if YOU are looking for a great read . . . with rich language . . that touches on Life and Loyalty in a True and Innocent manner . . .

Especially if you are looking for a gift for a reader who appreciates delightful illustrations

and a story that offers hope.

I'm recommending "Amos & Boris" by William Steig

(two of us* - one rather young gentleman - upper grade school-ish - and a silver headed lady with chubby knees . . . . giggle)