• Jubilee Street

Let's give 'em something to talk about . . .

Never sang that song, written by Canadian singer-songwriter Shirley Eikhard,

but I've had more people talk about me, even make plans for me, without talking to me.


Maybe you have, too.

I would like to talk about things that matter.

I would like to share with you.

Ya know, I arrived here in 1982 - yep, Waaaay back last century,

as a gift from my Pastor in Nashville, Tennessee to her friend and classmate here in St. Louis, MO.

Been witness to a lot of "stuff."


If you've known me very long -

you've heard i did NOT go to Scotland . . . I stayed here to serve.


Troubadour, Spirit Walker, Maggid, Pastor, Student, Teacher, Story Lady, Recording Artist, Vocalist,

Whatever you call me could be added to the list.

Eventually, I'd like to offer a bit about these things . . . in case they are helpful along The Way.

I continue to wear the title "Maggid" because much of our community helped create that for St. Louis.

It was a community (interfaith) effort . . kind of a wonder, really.

Maybe you'd like to tell me something about yourself?

I've added an application for your comments on this page.

(it's new, i hope it works)

OR, you could comment on Facebook, or Twitter, or email, or write me a letter,

(if you'd like.)

Here, I'll start.

At the turn of the century i had a health challenge.

(I have my own ideas about how that happened . . . that's for another day.)

The thing you do not know that I'd like to share:

Thursday is my chosen favorite day of the week.

Since I got to be at the hospital every day, I chose Thursday as Special Day.

I would arrive early with prizes or treats.

At the time there was a promotion on M&M candy.

I purchased lots of tiny bags of M&Ms and greeted people in the gorgeous main lobby of the hospital.

People present themselves at a hospital in so many different ways, it's awesome.

The lobby is gorgeous marble with a fountain, super classy . . .

I would smile, say "Good Morning!" offer a package of M&Ms or whatever i had to offer that day,

answer questions, if i could, then - when it was time - I'd go downstairs for my treatment.

Once a month I'd purposefully visit nurses that had cared for me - to Thank Them and show them I was doing GREAT.

Golly, it's easy to see the gratitude in eyes of those who've seen so many sad stories, when someone returns to say THANK YOU.

Okay, that's a georgy story you didn't know.

Do you have one to share with me?

Let's Talk

love & love,


ps - isn't Shirley Eikhard great?