• Jubilee Street

Oh, What a Wonderful Day, Such a Lovely Day!

Many years those words sang out to announce Story Time!

Autumn has me feeling this way.

Last week i stood in from of a guitar store I didn't know existed.

I was simply walking with the pupster, and there it was, along the way.

It was first time in a looong time I felt like going inside and checking things out.

I wonder if my fingers are ready to relearn.

I wonder if the "Next Thing" is about to make ItSelf Known.

Just that "New Year" feeling.

I think I'm ready.

How about YOU?

New dreams beginning to take hold in your heart?

I'm cheering for you.

Oh . . No, i didn't go inside the store this time - for two reasons.

It was early morning. Guitar Stores generally don't open super early.

And, The Pupster was with me.

She hasn't been introduced to that world . . . yet.

Happy Fall

Happy New Beginnings

love & love,