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Love . . .

Sending Love Your Way.

No secret to you.

I'm finishing up a couple of fun projects.

There will be days of joy next week. Normally young people arrive to learn. (When they visit my table I cheer their reading skills.)

Next week their achievements will be recognized and rewarded. Our entire facility turns into an inside carnival of sorts.

All the young people and their guardians will play games, win prizes and have a Celebration to Remember.

Project One is finishing touches for one of the events.

(I'm having more fun than anyone right here at my desk . . yay!)

Sunday I get to visit friends at Cape Albeon. (Admittedly one of my favorite hang outs.)

I finished notes days ago . . . So, this project only needs reviewing and Plenty of Space for God to Interject.

Did I ever tell you one of my favorite stories about Quincy Jones?

So many things about him Lift me Up. I'll just share this one teeny story.

He used to sit quietly in recording studios . . and it might have looked as if he wasn't paying attention.

When he was asked, he would say he was listening to Spaces for God.

I'd like to be like that, too.

So, my Second Project has Spaces . . .


love & love

(yes, i knew you knew)

next time, let's talk, okay?