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The Mac Undercover (Mac B.,Kid Spy #1)

"The Mac Undercover (Mac B., Kid Spy #1)" by Mac Barnett with illustrations by Mike Lowery

will make everyone laugh . . . right out loud . . even if they think they are all grown up and too cool to laugh.

It's filled with historical facts (you can look them up.) There's plenty of fast paced adventure. You may decide to add a corgi to your family.

This is written for fun seeking kids from 7 to 10-ish. Could be the best ever "let's get back to reading" book of all time.

The illustrations show the story in brilliant sketchbook "true to life" style.

True Silly Fun!

you can look it up

Will be available soon

(so, watch for it, or order in advance from your favorite bookseller. okay?)

Gets a High Recommend from Georgy.