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The first sentence captured my attention and I wanted to know Etty right away. This story has strong characters, excellent relationships and a modern take on life today. I'm gonna suggest Reading groups get copies right away and plan their Fall gatherings. "Etty Steele - Vampire Hunter" will inspire celebrations and costumes for years to come. Number "1" on the spine promises plenty more "Etty Adventure" to come. * Witches, Vampires and Fairies live in these pages and use British English.

Grayson Grave

(happy me, making new friends and reading their books.)

I'm participating in a conference today.

At the moment we are on lunch break.

There's taped interviews provided, in case we want to stay riveted.

Golly, this is Good.

My personal study continues.

I arrived here with Child-like Faith.

I had a foster father providing covering, security.

He loved me and "had my back."

He has gone ahead.

I felt orphaned for a while.

Now I realize it's time for me to "grow up."

"Mature in Faith."

(whatever that's gonna mean, hm?)

Last time I'd begun learning about covenant.

I moved to reading about blood.

(It's always been important - "door post and lintel" - gotta look into these things.)

Now I'm v-e-r-y slowly reading through Leviticus.


I'm not ready to share, but someday we'll "talk."

Maybe we'll begin with smaller/easier things - like "maggid."

I've witnessed remarkable healings.


I believe this is for us.


I've finally doubled back to brush up on Biblical Hebrew.

Seems, if i don't use it, it hides somewhere in my brain.


Okay, There's a new thing to make me laugh.

ya know, my first favorite "bible joke" was

"It is written 'it came to pass' - never 'it came to stay.' "

Okay, I've been spending time with Psalm 118. I have a few translations

(because, i DID tell you, I'm sifting through original language issues . . . giggle)

Some versions keep repeating "I cut them off."

Which reminds me of the entire season I "fired" a few people.

Ya know, when people continue to swarm around and mess with us . . .

(wave hands in the air for effect "You're Fired!" or . . "Cut Them Off")

Okay, I thought it was fun.

Bible jokes might not be your thing.

We've been given the two minute call to return to the conference.

see ya later.

I DO want to know what you're up to . . .

write, email, comment - when you have time.


love & love,


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