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Book Return

On my way to the movie I'll return a library book.

I'd added a copy to the project I've been enjoying.

This one i had not read. Of course, if i want to encourage people to read, it's best to be able to discuss the joy of a story with them.


So, I borrowed this copy.

Golly, how did I not read this sooner.

It's a survival story.

A culture story.

An story of Indigenous life in this era.

It made me cry. It was fascinating.

Written by Jean Craighead George, an author whose work captured the heart of young readers in the 20th century.

"Julie of the Wolves," finds itself on recommended reading lists for grades 3-5 and 6-8.

Topics addresses: Ceremony & Tradition, Coming of Age, Eskimo & Inuit, Single Parent Families, Survival, Understanding others.

Chances are you read it when you were in school.

Me? Well, I've read it now.

I see why it won awards, and why it's on every recommended list currently guiding "my" project.

Okay, I need to conclude because I'm off to see a movie.

love & love,


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