• Jubilee Street

Yes, We Can!

Turn of the century things took an unexpected turn.

A game changing event that rocked my world.


It's been some years. I'm finally catching up to the Truth.

See, I've been through that murky misadventure - where others attempt to superimpose their chatter over God's Truth.

I've been through others "deciding" about me without my permission.

Golly, that's another story, isn't it? Bet that's happened to you, too.

So, this girl & her lovely canine friend took this photo as we finished a couple of hours, up super steep terrain, through thick forest, down by the river and high up on the bluffs. Miles.

Rode home in our trusty little car

Thank You, God.

Continued our day in joy.

Not even tired.

Whatever anyone predicted. Whoever sent us away. Whatever was taken. However we were judged.

None of it counted for anything because God Said.


That's All We Needed to Know.

Climb a Mountain?

Sing A Song?

Be Living Proof that The Promise Is True?

Yes, We Can!