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Guess There's Always More . . .

I'm taking some classes.

(Doesn't it ALWAYS seem I'm studying?)


Enjoying a reading project.

Speaking of reading,

I checked this out from the library last week because it's on a reading list.

I figure, if I'm going to ask a student about the book they are reading, I should be familiar with it.

I most enjoyed the different life style and situations found in this story,

appreciated how people treated one another, even when it was challenging.


I wanted to cheer at the ending.

Looked up reviews for this book and suddenly was glad I waited until I'd personally read before posting.

The reviews read a little like social media these days . . unusual, negative things were shared that would have kept me from reading this book.

wow. i have a lot to learn.

"Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Paterson is recommended reading for middle and high school readers (7th - 12th grades.)

So, what are YOU up to?

Learning something spiffy?

Read any good books, lately?

love & love,