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Thanks to a Citizen Mom, Traveler of the World, Lover of All Things Marvelous, I learned more about Barefoot Books.

This is the first in my updated collection.

Bright Colors, Meant to be SUNG . . . Yes! Singing Stories are available.

Pirates is where I left off when my world changed . . *

*What, Again?

Golly, when we were taught "change is the only constant" -

it was fair warning Life offers plenty of Surprise -

and is NEVER Boring.


I suspect Story Time will see more Barefoot Books and learn happy songs right along with me.

There has been Plenty of Change lately.

Our culture has redefined a LOT. I am learning to re-arrange accordingly.

Right now the only regular tiny tot story time I'm doing happens on Wednesday,

It's a bit toned down . . . the tiny chairs have been put away for a while, cookies are offered at the end.

Gifts are given once a month.

(Simply because I love our children.)

One wonders what Fabulous Thing Will happen next.

Here's a Gift for You today.

A page with Pirate Slang.

How cool is that?

love & love,


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