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New Year!


It's been so cold here, many of us needed to

relax at home until our schedules kick back into gear.

Last Story Time of 2017 was Great Fun.

We read "and the train goes. . . " by william bee.

This book is a story lady favorite.

I cleared my personal bookcase to make room for new, stellar stories - keeping only "Must Haves."

"and the train goes. . . " is considered a "MUST HAVE"

because it's colorful, engaging, lively and LOUD . .

(when story lady reads . . . giggle)

AND, my favorite part of last week?

Pictures of the Families kept deep in my heart.

Oh, yes! People create cards with photos of their families . . which I treasure.

Coming Up?

Yes! Tuesday we are back on the Dinosaur Quilt @ Subterranean Books.

(Its really warm upstairs in winter.)

Regular Story Schedule -

Tuesday - 10:30 AM at Subterranean Books

Wednesday - 10:00 AM at Catholic Supply

Other public events are posted on the calendar page.

Yes, I'm available for special events . . .

If you are interested in giving your children a terrific foundation in reading & math . . you may want to look in to Kumon of Clayton.

Excellent, Inspired, Hope-filled and Healthy New Year!

love & love,


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