• Jubilee Street


I remember walking in the evening, seeing snippets of life through lit up windows.

This lovely book remembers moments like that . . . and lets us visit.

"Windows" by Julia Denos and E. B. Goodale - worked a little magic for us at story time.

Tiny children stood up super close to see the pictures, and hear the words.

Try to imagine, itsy people with their parents helping them stand . . . whispering words into tiny ears

because half of the little ones arrived here from other countries and are learning to speak a language at home

and another for the city streets here. Every one with enormous smiles of delight and wonder.

Oh. lucky me - so much treasure in my every day.

What's new in your world?

It's November. What makes your heart grateful?

I'm back in school. Super duper busy.

My pupster and i enjoy long nature trail walks several times a week.

You might not sing with me at story time . . .

I am loving you exactly the same.


I hope you are singing

love & love,