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The Fox Wish

I was going to share about something else entirely.

Until this morning, which was perfect - one of my co-workers saw me waiting for the book store to open.

She was on the way to school, and stopped to say "Hello!" - with a lovely smile on her face, which made me So Happy.

Then she needed to go, and said "see you tomorrow" - which is true - and i got to wish her a happy day.


I hope she is

(having a happy day)

Of course, there are LOTS of great brand new books


I saw this one

"The Fox Wish" by Kimiko Aman and Komako Saki.

I would tell you the story, but it would ruin the fun for you.

SO, I'll tell you it is filled with Kindness.

Our friend, Kelly, who owns the book store said, "Yay! That's what we need, more kindness."

This story is exceptional, tender and quietly kind - in the very best way.

love & love,


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