• Jubilee Street

Boom Shaka Laka

Wednesday Story Time is FULL of Fun.

It's creative and inspiring. Last week we used "Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom" - a classic alphabet favorite.

Suddenly the alphabet came alive with a "Boom-Shala-Laka."

New rhythm encouraged children - from tiny to tall - to enjoy and play a bit with the movement, sound, silliness of the moment.

Learning inside play - I suppose Joy-filled learning within a diverse social setting has become an ongoing adventure. Entirely spiffy.

On the shelves at Subterranean Books you'll be astonished to find so many new Alphabet Books. It will be challenging to pick your new favorite.

Here's the current schedule.

What else good is newish?

I enjoyed spending time with family at Unity South (Unity Church of Peace) last week. After service this week they will have a picnic in the park. Got a Hawaiian Shirt? OR a Unity Shirt? Well, wear it and join in on the fun. More information here.

Maybe I haven't arrived at some final destination - BUT i certainly have started the journey. The adventures continue.

How about YOU???

Has your life story become an amazing adventure?

I want to hear, if you're willing to share.

love & love,