• Jubilee Street

Whose Moon Is That?

Two weeks ago this new release was on the shelf. We enjoyed it at story time, I purchased it to share with other gatherings, it was so special i gave it away to the first parent/child duo I met . . and I hope it is giving them great delight. The colors are fabulous, the message made my heart happy. Perhaps you will enjoy it, too. "Whose Moon Is That?" by Kim Krans

Did you know there will be another solar eclipse in our area (typing in Saint Louis, MO) in seven years? We are in the "X Marks the Spot" zone.

Selah - think about that.

Story times remain the same

This weekend i have the complete joy of sharing with our friends in Cape Albeon and Parkside.

the "Sightings Page" has information about where God sends me

in case you wanted to know

excellent weekend to you

love & love,