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Ready for School

Families everywhere are preparing for school.

Some things remain the same . . story times and books.

Color me pleased about this.

Last week one of our friends chose this small board book. It's a total delight.

Haiku Night by Betsy Snyder was charming.

This book stuck with me because it mentioned "sticky feet" - the kind of feet geckos have . . giggle.

Never considered that before. By the time i read this one, children in the room were rowdy (which sometimes happens.)

Might be I'm the only one who enjoyed this one. Me? I thought it was nifty. "So Many FEET" by Nichole Mara and Alexander Vidal

Here's where i tell you

1. I wasn't able to find a link to the author of the Feet Book. I don't know why.


2. I provide the links, in case you want more information.

I link the books to Subterranean Books - so you have a source -


I am NOT making money from you.

The links are only there to help you . . . NOT to add dollars to me . . .

you and I are family . . . period.

Here's One More:

"My Very Own Space" by Pippa Goodhart and Rebecca Crane

This is a picture book. It demonstrates sometimes we need quiet time and sometimes we need friends all around.

It was fun to see how the children could understand and have ways to tell me their version.

Looking for me?

Schedule this week, very much the same.


love & love,


ps - don't forget your special glasses to view the solar eclipse

please take care of your eyes

so they can twinkle with laughter

when you read a good book