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So Much To Learn

Eric Carle's ABC - Story Time @ Subterranean Books

Every week I find there is more for me to research

more for me to learn

For instance

This beautiful ABC book by Eric Carle

we enjoyed it at Story Time on the Dinosaur Quilt

Do you know Eric Carle's work?

It's Bright and Beautiful


It also includes words

I did not know


even the parents

were stuck

There's a colorful bird that has a name beginning with Q

and a dog whose identity begins with X

Seems the more I learn

the less I know


What else is new?

It's almost July.

No story time this Tuesday (4th of July)

Wednesday we'll be at Catholic Supply - 10 AM

Cookies, picture book, singing, dancing. laughing, child-like mayhem

It was SO GREAT to spend time with family a Unity South last week.

Rev. Vickie is speaking at Center for Divine Love this Sunday (On Wyoming - just West of Grand)

Sending Limitless Love to You,

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(just so you know)