• Jubilee Street

Where Are You?


This was one of our books this morning @ Subterranean Books

Bright colors, a seek and find story intended for 2 - 5 year old people.

This morning it captivated teeny people and very tall people (including someone almost eight)

BUT, we ARE diverse and inclusive story people

full of joy


Every Book is an adventure.

This one was written by Sarah Williamson

I'll be in several places this week:

This morning - (Tuesday) - i was @ Subterranean Books -

(Delmar Loop)

we're always there on Tuesday, 10:30 AM - singing, reading books, being amazed by our friends

Wednesday Mornings - 10:00 - Catholic Supply of St. Louis

little chairs, cookies, lots of silly laughing, songs AND a Story.


Happy Father's Day!

I'll be visiting my friends at Cape Albeon @ 1 PM


Parkside @ 3 PM

color me very happy.