• Jubilee Street

Perhaps Signage?

New families have been arriving for story time.

This week a mother looked surprised and said, she knew the song we were singing, but she'd never heard it with "so much life."

She had to search her vocabulary for appropriate wording.

I forget - until newbies show up - there should be a disclaimer - or, at least colorful signage - informing people they have entered the wild and crazy zone of a second generation "City Slicker."

Spike Jones, who was a business genius, created his "Spike Jones and the City Slickers." They were FABULOUS and super popular during the mid-ish 20th Century. I didn't get to spend much time with Spike Jones and his family, (too bad for me) - none of the creative business endeavor rubbed off on me. BUT, I DID get to spend time with the City Slickers . . . . zany, mischievous, super talented, filled with joy, wonder and imagination . . . .

Maybe they were my family - or roots - or baby sitters -

Certainly they remain much of the lively inspiration for story time.

I'd rather hear, "'scuse me, your City Slickers are showing" than - "lady, your slip is showing"

. . . . or any other ordinary things.

Oh, older kids attending out of politeness because it's summer break and younger family members enjoy story time?

Those kids grin - and participate with abandon

when they realize

story lady

is more fun than meets the eye.

Color me happy.

Boop-Boop Diddim-Daddem Waddem Choo!

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