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April Madness

Oh My!! I remember people were using the term "March Madness" sharing about Basketball - I am using the term "April Madness" because I've been busy with a couple of nit-picky projects that cause me to feel I should stomp my feet like a baby skunk.

(Now, isn't that a silly thought?) I've made myself giggle.

I am transferring files from a learning site I've had for three years - well, maybe two and a half-ish years.

It couldn't have been easy-peasy. Oh, no! It simply could not "export-import" digitally because it's across companies.

So, I'm deleting some of the posts, and hand transferring others worth keeping.

It's very nearly done . . Ta-Daa!!! and I'm ready to move along to other interesting endeavors.

I am also semi-searching for a new permanent part time position. I did not sign a teaching contract this year. I no longer fit where i was, even though I enjoyed it and believed i had found a "home." (A mystery, how anyone gets to belong somewhere . . . )

Looking forward to Tuesday - perhaps I'll get to see the Trolley being tested.

It's going to be interesting in the Loop once the Trolley is running.

Lots of Good Things to See.

Brilliant Time of Year.

Blessings Around Every Corner


In Every Heart

Hope to hear from you soon.

love & love,