• Jubilee Street

Great Day

This Sunday is going to be a Great Day. I get to celebrate and visit with friends.

My pupster will spend much of the day at her favorite hangout.

I'll be visiting Cape Albeon in Valley Park, and later in the afternoon I get to spend time at Parkside in St. Charles.

You've heard me talk about these congregations.

They are bright, fun, wonderful places and I often think it would be lovely to be with them all the time.

I get to bring a story to life that is filled with wonder.

Lives were lifted, changed forever

after one lady had a conversation

with The Master

and learned there is so much more to Life


Everyone is able to have and enjoy

Abundant Life.

It's theirs/ours for the asking.

It's going to be a Great Day.

I'm going to be lifted and refreshed

right along with all my friends.

love & love,


#SundayStories #loveloveg