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The St. Louis Carousel

The St. Louis Carousel was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Dentzel Company 1920.

Dentzel Company

1837 Michael Dentzel was traveled the German Countryside in horse drawn wagons. He’d set up his “hand carved machine.” This portable machine of hand carved creatures led to the creation of The St. Louis Carousel.

Gustav Dentzel (Michael’s second son,) emigrated to America in 1864. He brought America’s first Amusement Park Carousel by Ship.

The Company

The Dentzel Company grew steadily, hiring woodcraft masters to create life like church statues,

ornamentation for fine homes and signature menagerie creatures for carousels.


The carousel was installed in the Forest Park Highlands.

Forest Park Highlands was a favorite St. Louis Attraction for almost 70 years. Opened in 1896, the park gave happy memories to countless folk until July 1963. The park, constructed of wood, caught fire. The flames were hot enough to reroute highway traffic. There was no way to reconstruct and reopen the Highlands.

If you drive by the area today, you’ll see a community college and office buildings.

The St. Louis Carousel

Mr. Howard C Ohlendorf and his wife, Irma gave many gifts to the County Park system. Including land, park embellishments, repairs and a great home for the carousel.

The St. Louis Carousel now lives in it’s own climate controlled facility. Curators care for the menagerie. People can ride the carousel and attend parties. Photographers make special arrangements for wedding portraits.

After all these years, It is still well loved and considered The St. Louis Carousel.