• Jubilee Street

Can you believe it's almost July?

I know, me either. Is there a lot going on in your world? Seems it's a time of change for everyone. Gotta claim it at "Good and Very Good," even if the landing point is not (yet) in view. hm?

Yesterday I was in Vintage Vinyl. No clue how long it's been since i visited. MUST make it a regular stop from now on because i was grinnin' and dancing and feeling like a kid again. Left with a CD and hopes for many new tunes in my life.

Saw the movie "Therapy for a Vampire." Laughed a lot. Would not be comfortable with kids attending - BUT, I laughed - and that's why i was there. (Tivoli Rocks!)

Currently reading "Wildwood" - first of the series by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis - a positively enchanting middle reader. Got my copy at Subterranean Books.

Besides regular story times, I'll be visiting Cape Albeon Community on July 3rd and Unity Christ Church on July 31st.

I hope we all have great news to share by the time August visits us.

love & love,