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So Many Things to Tell You

I think the first, most important thing is the picture book of the week. Yesterday I noticed the Canadian Public Library Summer Reading List of recommended picture books. It's exciting. One of my favorite artists, Danielle Daniel, is on the recommend list for her book . . . "Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox" AND, a book that has already been selling at Subterranean Books, "Tokyo Digs A Garden" by Jon-Erik Lappano & Kellen Hatanaka is mentioned.

There are several others we'll simply HAVE to read soon.

Yesterday we pulled "Tokyo Digs A Garden" off the shelf . .

Golly, I Loved It!! It's about a little family, grandfather, boy and cat who have the opportunity to start a garden in a city. This Garden is positively magical . . and, it's decided that's the way gardens, at least this one . . should be.

Please give yourself a treat and take a look at this picture book . . if you're like me, the list of people you'd like to gift will grow.

There's one other thing I'd like to tell you today.

There's a McArthur's Bakery Cafe in the Delmar Loop -

It's a refreshing add to the area. They've been there a few weeks, many of us didn't notice because another place had been there for so long . . .

I purchased a fresh salad to go . . and sampled a super cake, yum! The food was fabulous, the price was perfect . . . yeppers, I encourage tipping - and, spreading the word.