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Be Yourself

I see this Oscar Wilde quote used a lot lately, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Yasmeen Ismail, author of the picture book, "I'm a Girl!" might have had a 21st Century take on that concept.

Every Tuesday morning we gather at Subterranean Books. This is a special kind of story time because, instead of "performing" a story, i choose three new books from the picture book section and we give our selections a "test drive."

You never know what you'll discover. I'm often surprised. This book spoke to my heart on several levels. It seemed to finally address my own childhood desire to be a person, instead of a "just."

As I read it became clear the material was addressing everyone's personal identity. The colors are bright, the situations are things that happen in the everyday world. The who we choose to be is handled loud and clear . . . .

Pretty sure you've heard me say this a time or two - I think this new century is in very good hands.

By the way, you are invited to join us. Tuesday Mornings at 10:30 AM, Subterranean Books, 6275 Delmar. In "The Loop," 63130. 314-862-6100.

We sing in between stories . . oh yeah, we are upstairs on the dinosaur quilt.

love & love,