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Thunder Boy Jr.

I heard an interview on NPR yesterday about this book, and was excited to see it on the shelves at Subterranean Books today. It was one of our reading explorations for this week. I absolutely LOVE it. It addresses names, being true to ourselves, honoring family, celebrating identity. The Illustrations touched my heart. You might know I'm from the Southwest, and the appearance of these beautiful people remind me of home.

One of our young fans did say she isn't happy with the way the daddy looks. - just sayin' -

The book is called, "Thunder Boy Jr." by Sherman Alexie and Yuyi Morales. It's a Father/Son story . .

I heard the NPR Story while driving to Freer Elementary School, Barnhart, MO. I got to spend part of the day visiting there and I have to tell you, if i had a young family, I'd move to Barnhart, just so they could attend this school. The land was set aside especially for this educational facility - and it is beautiful and inspiring. I arrived early enough to meet some of the staff. The librarian is a better story lady than i am - and she's fun to hang with, or should i properly say she is a great hostess . . and the Principal sparkles. i learned he followed his own daddy into this career. The school mascot, "OWLS" . . fortunately, every student knows how to hoot, and they are all wise - BUT, they don't snack on mice . . whew. I was worried how to be polite, if i was offered a little nibble.

All in all, I'd say it was a Most Excellent Day!

And, yes, I got to meet and share with a lot of super students.

High Recommends - for both Book and School . . .

love & love,