• Jubilee Street

It said "Untitled!"

Oh my fur and whiskers! I logged in and was surprised at what i did NOT see - which was the post i thought i had already written. I wonder what other peculiar thing I've done lately. Makes one wonder.

So, while I'm here, let me tell you summer break has begun. I have started taking teeny adventures. i have decided NOT to take a line dancing class, even if it means i miss the opportunity to make a new friend. AND - today i arrived at story time with the beginning of a new song list. I wonder why i haven't recognized i am spending a lot of time with young people and enjoying it. perhaps i should pay closer attention to the things all around me.

How about YOU??? Is there any bit of fun going on in your life story that you haven't really thought much about?

Maybe we are all a little like this, standing in the midst of True Treasure - and not actually seeing.

I wonder - just wonder - if there are gems of wonder - that i have overlooked. So, Okay, this moment is "Untitled" . . . I'm off to consider -